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The Common Faults and Solutions of Deep Chamber Jaw Crusher

Mar 31 2015

The application of deep chamber jaw crusher is very wide. When the deep chamber jaw crusher works, its components are easy to go wrong because of the impact and frication from raw materials and other components or other environment reasons, seriously affecting the working efficiency of the deep chamber jaw crusher. Here are the common faults and solutions of deep chamber jaw crusher.

1. There is knocking sound happening at the rear of the deep chamber jaw crusher.

Reasons: the lever is not tightened. The toggle plate hit the movable jaw or the toggle plate plat; the frication between the rod and the lower part of the movable jaw is great; the installation of the spring seat is not in place; the nuts of rod are not tightened.

Solutions: fasten the rod of the deep chamber jaw crusher or retighten the springs; replace spring seat in place and tighten nuts of rod to the proper location.

2. The temperature of the deep chamber jaw crusher’s bearing is too high.

Reasons: lack of grease or the lubricant is dirt; the bearing clearance is unsuitable; the bearing is broken.

Solutions: add the right amount of grease in or clean the bearing and replace cleaning grease; adjust the tightness of bearing or repair the bearing housing; replace the damaged bearing.

3. The particle size of deep chamber jaw crusher can not reach the requirement.

Reasons: the hardness or toughness of processed materials is over the crushing scope of deep chamber jaw crusher; the movable jaw or bearing is seriously worn and the clearance between them is too big; the lower part of tooth plate is worn too much; the discharging mouth is smaller than the defined limit.

Solutions: adjust the clearance between the movable jaw and the bearing, or replace the damaged bearing or movable jaw; adjust the discharging mouth of the deep chamber jaw crusher to the required size.

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