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The Requirements for No-load Test of Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

Apr 01 2015

After the installation of mobile jaw crusher plant, it can not be directly used for production work. Mobile jaw crusher plant needs to go through a trial run test and is provided qualified before production. This paper will introduce you the requirements for no-load test of mobile jaw crusher plant.

Firstly, the operators must have a deep understanding to the mobile jaw crusher plant and kwon how to identify the fault and solve it. The operator of mobile jaw crusher plant must have relevant operation knowledge and qualified certified work license.

Secondly, fully inspect mobile jaw crusher plant before no-load testament. Check whether the mobile jaw crusher plant maintains perpendicular to the ground, whether the host hatches have tight shutoff, whether all bolts of parts are strong and not loose or not, etc. In addition, carefully check the switch of mobile jaw crusher plant and check whether the power cord matches the power and mobile jaw crusher plant or not. Check whether the lubrication meets the requirements and whether the bearing is kept clean and free from dust or not.

Finally, when mobile jaw crusher plant no-load tests, it must run continuously for 2 hours. Its bearing temperature difference should not exceed 30 degrees centigrade. After no-load test, check all fasteners whether they are secure to avoid loosening occurs. During the no-load test, the flywheels of mobile jaw crusher plant must be smooth-running, and all rubbing parts have not any abrasions, shavings and grinding phenomenon. There should not any abnormal noise issue.

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