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The Normal Operating Temperature of the Pulse Combustion Dryer

May 04 2014

Pulse combustion dryer is an important drying machine. Liquate materials can be dispersed in the airstream of the flue gas pulse, which is very suitable for materials that have a high drying requirement.
In the pulse combustion drying machine, the heat generated in the combustion chamber is used for atomizing the liquid material. Then the liquid drop will expand because of the rising temperature. The liquid material is dried at last. The temperature of the inlet gas is controlled by the flow of fuel that enters into the combustion chamber. And the temperature of the outlet gas is controlled by the number of the feeding material. The normal operating temperature of the pulseburner is 810~1470K, and the frequent range is 60~200Hz (generally 125~150Hz). Sound pressure level can reach at 180dB. Such drying machine can deal with suspension liquid whose viscosity can be 1600Pa•s, and liquor whose viscosity can be 300mPa•s.
Besides, we can build nozzle inside to pre-atomization the high viscous liquid if it is necessary. Generally speaking, we can get more fineness product by using this kind of dyer than the traditional nozzle spray dryer. In addition, when deal with the heat sensitive products. We must not keep them staying in the heat part more than 5ms. To mostly materials, using is better than using spray dryer. Pulse combustion dryer costs less and can get a good quality products. To make he drying process perfect, we should known some characteristic data of the materials before using pulse combustion dryer.

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