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How to Safely Operate the Jaw Mobile Crusher?

Apr 02 2015

The safe operation of jaw mobile crusher has been a commonplace problem in enterprise production. Jaw mobile crusher is no exception. How to safely operate the jaw mobile crusher? I think it should meet the following two requirements.

Requirement to operators

1. Operators must be familiar with the performance and operation sequence of jaw mobile crusher. Ultra-performance operation is strictly prohibited.

2. Operators must be trained. People passing the examination can take appointment with certificate.

3. Operators must wear protective clothing and a helmet during the work.

The correct operation sequence:

1. Before starting, comprehensively inspect all parts of the jaw mobile crusher, especially the oil level. The Lube must be enough.

2. When startup the jaw mobile crusher, operators must check the voltage stability of a workplace and the work of the motor.

3. During operation, frequently check whether the jaw mobile crusher is working normally or not. If there are any problems, the production should be immediately stopped.

4. When the production is ready to stop, operators should firstly stop feeding, then turn off the switch of the jaw mobile crusher until materials in the crushing chamber are crushed out, and at last power down the workplace.

5. After completing the production, operators must check whether there are non crushed materials in the crushing cavity or not, and check the wear and tear of wearing parts. If find any problems, repair them immediately.

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