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What Matters Need to Check in the Operation of Stone Mobile Jaw Crusher?

Apr 02 2015

In order to ensure the normal and continuous running of stone mobile jaw crusher, operators of stone mobile jaw crusher must be prepared in the related inspections of stone mobile jaw crusher, so that stone mobile jaw crusher can give full play to the productivity. What matters need to check in the operation of stone mobile jaw crusher? Followings are the comprehensive summary.

1. Check whether the bearing temperature of stone mobile jaw crusher is normal or not. The specified bearing temperature shall not exceed 50-60.

2. Check whether the required amount of lubricant is enough and whether the lubrication is oil leakage.

3. Check whether the pump and oil ring works properly and whether the tube is blocked.

4. Check the operation status of stone mobile jaw crusher. Pay special attention to check for any abnormal vibration occurs.

5. Check all screws and fasteners to see whether they are loose or not and whether the spring tension is normal.

6. Check whether the expected size conforms to specified requirements or not.

7. Check the wearing parts for serious wear and tear or rupture.

8. Check the belt whether it is worn or loose.

9. Check the load, temperature rise, and sound of the motor.

During the operation of stone mobile jaw crusher, if any of above problems occurs, the stone mobile jaw crusher must immediately stop processing. Small fault can be handled by field staff. Seriously problems need professional maintenance personnel to repair.

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