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The Crushing Manners of Mobile Jaw Crusher for Sale

Apr 02 2015

The working principle of mobile jaw crusher for sale is that large blocks of materials are crushed into small pieces depending on the external forces to conquer the intermolecular cohesion of materials. I will summarize the crushing manners of mobile jaw crusher for sale in this article. Hope can help you to understand the working manner of mobile jaw crusher for sale.

1. Split

Raw materials are splitted between a flat working surface and a working surface with sharp edges. Raw materials are broken along the splitting pressure lines. They are crushed because that the tensile stresses on the splitting surface reaches the limit compressive strength of raw materials.

2. Break

Mobile jaw crusher for sale uses two working surface with multiple sharp edges to break materials. During this breaking process, materials are supported by two points. When bending stresses within the material reaches the flexural limit strength, materials are broken.

3. Crush

During the crushing process, raw materials are between the two crushing surfaces, and they are pressed hardly by the two surfaces. When the pressure is bigger than the compressive strength, raw materials are crushed into pieces.

4. Grind

In the grinding process, raw materials and the working surface bear certain pressure and shearing forces. When the shear stress within the material reaches its limit, material is grinded.

Mobile jaw crusher for sale completes the crushing operation by splitting, breaking, crushing and grinding these four manners. These four working manners are gradually circulation used by mobile jaw crusher for sale, so the mobile jaw crusher for sale can not only be well protected, but also be ensured with high production efficiency.

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