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How to Correctly Operate the Portable Hammer Crusher

Apr 02 2015

Correct operation of portable hammer crusher not only can improve the working efficiency of portable hammer crusher, but also can effectively avoid the security risks. How to correctly operate the portable hammer crusher? Here is our detailed summary.

1. Operators at site should be worn correctly as the requirement of PPE, such as helmets, protective clothing, etc.

2. Drive the portable hammer crusher strictly according to the correct order. Portable hammer crusher Needs to no-load run for 7-10 minutes after startup, and then load run for half an hour. If there is no problem, then the portable hammer crusher can be used for production.

3. The feeding particle size of raw material is not allowed to exceed the specified size, and the foreign matter is not allowed to enter into the crushing chamber. The feeding speed should be controlled, not too quick or too slow.

4. During the operation of portable hammer crusher, regularly check whether the lubrication system of the machine is normal and whether the bearing temperature rise does not exceed the requirements, and check the wear and tear of wearing parts, and the fastening of bolts and fittings. If there is any exception, the production should be stopped in time.

5. In the working of portable hammer crusher, operators should keep distance between the equipment to prevent mauling by the popping bulk materials.

6. When the production finishes, portable hammer crusher should keep working until materials in the crushing chamber is completely crushed and discharged out.

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