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The Current Situation of Rod Sand Making Machine Market

Apr 04 2015

Sand as one of the important basic materials of the construction industry has undoubted contribution to the social construction. Industries regarding sand production as the link are being improved, such as, mining, machinery industry, concrete, building industry, etc. The importance role of rod sand making machine in these industries is irreplaceable. Through the investigation and study, we get that there are some problems in current rod sand making machine market as follows.

1. The production technology of rod sand making machine is backward. Chinese sand production is mainly the natural production. The manufactured sand accounts for a smaller proportion. Compared with the cement production and processing, the mechanization and automation levels of rod sand making machine are relatively low. And the management level of rod sand making machine is also relatively low. The massive extraction of natural sand has great pressure on the environment and sand resources. Therefore, the currently the sand making equipment is still very much in demand, and in a state of growth. This is a great opportunity for rod sand making machine manufacturing enterprises and is a power to absorb some investors into rod sand making machine making industries.

2. The number of rod sand making machine manufacture enterprises is large, but the scale is small and the management level is low. In China, numerous rod sand making machine manufacturer is small scale and their production level is doubtful, which caused a great deal of difficulty for the management of rod sand making machine market.

3. The production standard of rod sand making machine need to improve. Compared to other industries, the relative policy and planning on rod sand making machine are less. Some policies and regulations of rod sand making machine are relatively backward. The people’s concept of rod sand making machine is much lighter than other machines, which restricts the production of rod sand making machine to a large extent.

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