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How to Maintain the Bearing for Double Mobile Jaw Crusher?

Apr 09 2015

Double mobile jaw crusher is a new type high efficient crushing machine. Its application is very wide. The bearing is one of its main components. Since the operating environment of double mobile jaw crusher is harsh, the bearing is easy to wear or damage, affecting the equipment’s productivity. In order to reduce the wear and damage of bearing, the routine maintenance of bearing is necessary and important. This paper will introduce you some conservation tips of double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing.

1. The lubrication of double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing must be in place.

If the lubrication of double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing is not in place, friction between the bearing and other parts of double mobile jaw crusher will increase, and then the bearing will be easy to wear and tear. Thus, the outer ring of bearing must be regularly painted with grease, and the roller surface of the bearing must be fully covered with a layer of lubricant. After lubricating, install the outer ring of the bearing in its old place and cover the bearing with plastic film to protect it from dust.

2. The temperature of double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing must be reasonable.

The lubricant will become thin at high temperature, and then it will drop down from the bearing, causing the lack of lubricant and the damage of bearing, so the temperature of double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing must be checked regularly and controlled in a certain range.

3. The bearing accuracy must be corrected.

After using for a period, the double mobile jaw crusher’s bearing will be loose, and then the friction between it and other parts will increase. If the bearing is found loose in the routine maintenance, the bearing accuracy must be corrected timely.

4. The bearing must be regularly cleaned.

The cleaning method of bearing is as follows: firstly contaminate the bearing in oil, remove the surface dirt with a brush, then heat the oil properly, and at last clean the ball and holes inside the bearing.

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