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The Concentrated Oil Injection System of Recycling Mobile Crusher

Apr 09 2015

The good lubrication can improve the working efficiency of the recycling mobile crusher. In recent years, the lubrication of recycling mobile crusher can not get a good effect by using grease oiling system. So we should introduce advanced technology of oiling method to meet the lubrication requirement of recycling mobile crusher. After many of experiments, our recycling mobile crusher now uses concentrated oil injection system, which has gotten a good lubrication effect. This article will give you a specific introduction.

The concentrated oil injection system

The oiling system of recycling mobile crusher refers to a system that lubricant is supplied to the parts needing to lubricant though distributor, tube and oil metering pieces. This process includes conveyor, distribution, regulation, cooling, heating, and purification. In addition, there are devices to monitor the oil pressure, the oil position, the oil temperature and other parameters to avoid any faults.

Advantages of the concentrated oil injection system

1. The concentrated oil injection system of recycling mobile crusher can provide lubricant on time with certain amount of lubrication during operation. It solves the shortcomings of traditional artificial lubrication.

2. The concentrated oil injection system of recycling mobile crusher reduces the using amount of lubricant, so that it not only can protect the recycling mobile crusher, but also can reduce the energy using of recycling mobile crusher at the same time, ultimately achieving the best operating income.

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