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How to Choose the Antimony Ore Ball Mill

Aug 11 2015

Antimony is a kind of metal, which is silvery white, hard but brittle (often in shapes of bars, blocks, powder and etc.), and has a scale like crystal structure. In wet air, it will tarnish; In strong heat condition, it will burn into white antimony oxide. Antimony ore refers to the ore containing antimony elements. Antimony ore ball mill is an equipment which is for second material fine crushing. It has features of good effect, high production continuity and other advantages. There are many factors affecting the users to make a choice, and user's choice is the consideration of various factors. Then, we will give a brief introduction on how to choose antimony ore ball mill from three aspects.

1.Material Factors

Material factors including hardness, moisture and fineness output of finished materials. Customers should know these factors and in accordance with these conditions to select the appropriate antimony ore ball mill. In addition, different devices produce a different product size, Customers should choose a proper design type of antimony ore ball mill according to their production requirements. Material factors directly affect the customer's choice, we hope customers do the best choice according to their own situation.

2.Manufactures Factor

There are numerous antimony ore ball mill manufacturers, how to find one that you prefer? Before buying products, you need to collect relevant information through various channels, know the basic information about purchasing; In purchasing, try to visit a few manufacturers, and comparing similarities and differences; After purchase, you should also take service into account, because a good service factory is a trusted manufacturers. Finally, you’d better consider the reputation of the manufacturer's position in the machinery industry, try to choose a good brand manufacturers to make a purchase.

3.Device Factors

The device factors include quality, price, technological level and other factors. Product quality is the deciding factor merits. High-quality antimony ore ball mill will be choose by consumers; The device’s quality and price have close relationship. The good quality, the expensive price; The poor quality, the cheap price. But the high-quality product has the features of durability, long life, good efficiency. Therefore, customers need to follow their own needs to buy production which can meet their basic requirements.

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