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Brief Introduction to Iron Powder Rotary Dryer

Aug 11 2015

Iron powder refers to the assembly which size is less than 1mm is the main raw material powder metallurgy. Iron powder rotary dryer is aim to dry certain humidity of iron, to facilitate their move to the next production process. Today we will give a brief introduction to iron powder rotary dryer.

1.Working Principle of Iron Powder Rotary Dryer

(1)Material and hot air downstream from the small end of the inner cone of entry, is fully raised lifting plate heat exchange with the hot gas stream, while moving to the big end;

(2)After entering the outer tube, the material is raised by spoon-shaped lifting plate, and evenly scattered the upper part of the outer wall of the inner cone, cylinder with a slow rotation, the material in the annular space can experience a longer residence time;

(3)Lastly, materials flows along the cylinder wall and the outer wall of the inner cylinder guide plate outlet to the end, through the flap valve discharge, then exhaust gas was discharged after collecting by the cyclone dust.

2.Mainly Structures of Iron Powder Rotary Dryer

Iron powder rotary dryer can be designed according to user’s-specific needs of the internal components. Such as: gas furnace, combustion chamber or supporting elevator, belt conveyor, quantitative feeder, cyclone, draft fan and so on. Its main parts consist of the cylinder, discharging part, plate, reducer, motor, hot road, feed chute, furnace and other components.

3.Features of Iron Powder Rotary Dryer

(1)Simple device, manpower saving;

(2)Equipment of good sealing, effective dust control;

(3)Simple structure, easy maintain;

(4)Good drying effect, high efficient.

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