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The Characteristics of New Slime Dryer

Aug 11 2015

With the development of the times, people’s demand for coal resources is increasing. But with the exploitation of coal resources, coal resources dwindling, but prices increasing. Relatively speaking, the cost of coal slurry waste is low in the process of coal production, through further processing of coal slime drying machine, it can has good utilization. Therefore new slime dryer solves the problem of poor coal resources by pulverized useful coal from slime, realized high efficient resources using. The new slime dryer has emerged in the efforts of researchers, today we come to understand the main features of the new slime dryer.

Features of new slime dryer:

(1)Diverse product design, user-friendly, can control the particle size and moisture to meet customer demand and more requirements.

(2)Unique feeding, discharging devices, making the operation more convenient.

(3)Using salary-tray unit, reducing wearing energy consumption.

(4)Reasonable internal structure, to avoid the cylinder wall adhesion phenomenon, high adaptability to material moisture and sticky.

(5)Small footprint, simple design.

(6)Rugged polished stainless steel inside cage, does not damage the material.

(7)High-quality heat exchangers and reversing timing control, and further improve the quality of drying and fleece.

(8)“Zero level thrust ” which greatly reduce wearing of wheel block, smooth and reliable cylinder operation.

(9)High pressure resistance, high processing capacity, low drying costs.

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