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The Development of Jaw Crusher

Aug 11 2015

Jaw Crusher often referred to the tiger population. It has a history of one hundred years, is an ancient broken equipment. After a hundred years of technical precipitation, jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, excellent quality, high-tech, maintenance and low cost and so on. It is still first broken equipment for crude ore, and widely used in ore mining, cement, sand and gravel plant, construction, water utilities and other industries. Today we will give a brief introduction to the development process of the jaw crusher.


1.Invention of jaw crusher

In 1858, Americans EW Blake design and manufacture the world's first jaw crusher. Its structure in the form of elbows plate (short swing) jaw crusher. Subsequently, due to production needs people continue to improve it, there will be a subsequent jaw crusher.

2.Modern development

Jaw crusher belongs crusher, its development is inseparable from the development of the crusher. Modern crusher is a product of the steam engine and electric motor and other power machinery gradually improve and promote post. The steam-driven roll crusher appeared in 1806; In 1858, the United States, Blake invented the broken rock jaw crusher; In 1878 the United States has developed a continuous operation of the gyratory crusher broken, its productivity is higher than intermittently broken action jaw crusher; In 1895, the United States, William invention low energy impact crusher. In the 1980s, large size jaw crusher with big crushing size appeared greatly enhance the crushing efficiency. The jaw crusher’s development is along with the crushing machine industry’s development, the two closely together towards a more optimized design.

3.New developing direction

To optimize the product structure of jaw crusher making it more reasonable. Because modern society to pursue efficiency, how to make the jaw crusher work more efficient is the ultimate goal of people. Ensure optimal performance of jaw crusher, the fundamental factor is the best movement of the movable jaw, which need to continue to optimize the structure of jaw crusher, to make it more rational design and work efficient.

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