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Comparison Analysis Between Conventional Ball Mill and Chinaware ball Mill

Aug 11 2015

Chinaware ball mill is kind of ball mill is widely used in material mixing and milling. It is a product of the development of era, and has similarity and differences with the traditional ball mill. Here we analyze the differences between the two on the following three aspects.

1. Cylinder Configuration

Cylinder is a key component of ball mill. They have different materials in cylinder. Chinaware ball mill’s cylinder made of ceramic, the capacity is very small, generally applicable to the production of small batch production. It is a new energy-saving ball milling equipment that the machinery experts combine the latest technology research and development with domestic mineral processing. While the traditional ball mill cylinder commonly used steel plates, which has good abrasion resistance and production volume.

2. Product Selection

Materials after grinding by the chinaware ball mill go into the spiral classifier for grading, coarser particles will return to chinaware ball mill for further grinding. The traditional ball mill, materials after grinding directly discharge from the port. They have different requirements on fineness. Chinaware ball has more uniform product fineness.

3. Different energy consumption , working efficiency

On the one hand, chinaware ball mill has automatic decompression starting system which can reduce the starting pressure and compared with the traditional ball mill, it is energy efficient. On the other hand, compared to conventional ball mill, chinaware ball mill has a higher operating efficiency, and a more stable production process. This is due to its unique design, for example, curved blade can avoid the excessive wear in the middle of ring, and increase the effective working area, increase its output; The host device using enclosed gear drives, thereby enhancing the stability of the transmission and so on.

They both have in common, also have their own advantages and disadvantages. we believe that with the development of time, ball mill will has a more reasonable and humane design.

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