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The Working Principles of Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher

Aug 11 2015

Compound pendulum jaw crusher, since the moving jaw on each point of the track is more complex, so it is called complex swing jaw crusher. It's a kind of jaw crusher and is widely used in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other sectors. Now we will know something about working principles of compound pendulum jaw crusher.

Working Principles:

1.Material go into the compound pendulum jaw crusher’s crushing chamber which is formed by the movable jaw and fixed jaw;

2.The upper end of the movable jaw hanging in the eccentric shaft directly as a connecting rod crank linkage by eccentric eccentric shaft drive straight lively;

3.The lower end of the movable jaw hinge attached to the rear wall of the thrust plate supporting frame.

4.When the eccentric shaft is rotated, the movable jaw trajectory of each point is the point of suspension circumference (radius equal to the eccentricity), becoming oval down, the downward section, more to the oval until the lower part of the thrust board connection point for the arc line trajectory.

5.Material is discharged though the compound pendulum jaw crusher’s port after squeezing between the movable jaw broken and fixed jaw.

6.The motor drives the moving jaw in continuous movement, to achieve a continuous crushing process.

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