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Brief Introduction to Ore Concentrate Dryer

Aug 12 2015

Ore with low valence metals can use the mechanical concentration method (physical concentration method), such as radiometric sorting, gravity separation, flotation and so on to get some ores with productive and high-value. We call this kind of ores as ore concentrate. Ore concentrate dryer is used to dry a certain humidity or granular materials. Now we give a brief introduction to ore concentrate dryer.


1.Working Principle

(1)Firstly, the wet materials are sent to a bunker by a belt conveyor or a bucket elevator, and then enter the feeding end of the ore concentrate dryer;

(2)Then, materials enter the rotating cylinder drier which is slightly inclined with the horizontal;

(3)Next, materials and heater come into counter flow and co-current flow in ore concentrate dryer cylinder;

(4)When wet material moving in dryer cylinder, it will be dry though the direct or indirect heat from heat carrier;

(5)Lastly, the materials discharged from the ore concentrate dryer’s port by belt machine or screw conveyor.

2.Performance features of ore concentrate dryer

(1)Meet different customers requirements about the size and moisture content of the materials after drying;

(2)Large processing capacity, strong anti overload ability, low fuel consumption;

(3)Excellent drying efficiency;

(4)Uniform and continuous feeding, non-block discharging by using new type of feeding, discharging devices;

(5)Innovated internal structure can eliminate the material-sticking phenomenon.

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