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Something About Coal Slime Dryer Daily Maintenance

Aug 12 2015

Coal slime dryer is a well-developed drying machine, it is suitable for coal industry, such as the slime, mud, metal; it is fit to the magnetic dressing, flotation, gravity concentration of nonmetallic minerals industry; it is also used in clay of cement industry and other industries. In order to extend the service life and maintain the working efficiency of the machine, it is very important to do the daily maintenance. Now we will learn how to do the coal slime dryer daily maintenance.

1.Lubricating Maintenance

Lubricating oil can reduce the friction between the various devices of the coal slime dryer machine, thereby reducing the wear of the parts in the machine. So it is vital to do the lubricating maintenance work. Fan is the main part of the coal slime dryer machine, and its bearing carry the most weight of the machine. So the fan bearing should be injected into clean, high quality lubricating oil per month; Change the high temperature oil of transmission chain every 4 days off; Check the oil of the main gear reducer every 3 months; If you find abnormal situation, please handle it as soon as possible.

2.Security Cleaning Maintenance

Coal slime dryer needs a clean and tidy environment to keep its working efficiency. For example, clean the dust of the transmission monthly, in order to avoid jam and deviation phenomenon; Clean filters regularly and maintain a tidy tube, clean the adhesive material timely.

3. Temperature Monitoring

There is a temperature regulator in coal slime dryer which can keep a balance working state of the machine. So before using the coal slime dryer, we must check the temperature regulator, in order to avoid internal diesel engine water temperature too high or too low, not to influence the working effects of coal slim drying machine.

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