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High Temperature Influence to Cement Ball Mill

Aug 12 2015

Cement ball mill is composed of six parts, such as feeding device, supporting device, rotary part, unloading device, driving device, lubrication devices and cooling device. The cement ball mill has the characteristics of high material adaptability, continuous production, big reduction ratio, easy control fineness of grinding product and so on. But during the working process, once out of control, it will appear the phenomenon of high temperature which cause bad influence to machine. Then we will illustrate the bad influence of high temperature to cement ball mill from 3 parts.

1.Material adhesion, low production efficiency

Controlling the temperature of the material is the first step to control the temperature of the cement ball mill. To control the temperature of the material at room temperature, it is good under 50 degrees. The increasing temperature in cylinder is not only due to the temperature of the material, but also the heat energy which is turned from mechanical energy in the process of grinding. When the temperature is high in the cement mill, the material powder adhere to the grinding body and cylinder wall, so the high temperature reduce the grinding efficiency of equipment.

2. Poor Cement Quality

The high temperature of the cement ball mill can also cause the gypsum to be dehydrated into a half water gypsum, or even some anhydrous gypsum, which can cause the false cement setting, affecting the cement quality, and easy to make the storage cement block. If the cement temperature is higher than 120 degrees, it makes the packing paper brittle and increases the damage rate.

3.Damage the Structure of the Device

The high temperature is also bad for the cement ball mill itself. It may short its working life and cause accidents. For Example, if the bearing temperature rise, the lubrication effect will reduce, and will cause the cylinder to produce a certain thermal stress, which can cause the liner plate screw.

In summary, high temperature will cause adverse effects to cement ball mill. So we hope that customers could avoid high temperature phenomenon as far as possible to ensure the work efficiency of the cement ball mill.

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