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The Development Direction of Chinaware Ball Mill

Aug 12 2015

Ball mill grinding equipment is widely used in industry, and appeared in 1893, it has been widely used in material crushing integrated sector metal and non-metallic mineral processing, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, ceramics and electricity sector in a number of basic industries. Chinaware ball is a sort of ball mill, and has also been considerable development though centuries. Today we explore the future development direction of chinaware ball mill.


The continuous development of the ceramic industry led to the development of chinaware ball mill. With the rapid development of ceramic industry, particularly the construction ceramics industry, large enterprises are emerging. Enterprises made more stringent requirements on chinaware ball mill in order to ensure its production efficiency, production capacity. The new direction of the chinaware ball mill is to meet the production needs of these large companies, as much as possible to develop it in large-scale, increase its production in order to achieve material mass process.

2.Environmental and energy-saving equipment

With the continuous development of China's economic construction, people in the pursuit of economic efficiency, but also continue to focus on environmental protection. The conventional ball mill has noise, dust, poor production environment. But chinaware ball mill using a dry-milling apparatus which solves some problems but still need to pay attention to environment protection and energy aspects in the future development. Because the future society is environmentally friendly energy-saving society, we have to follow the trend of social development forward together.

3. High-efficiency equipment

21st century is already a society which pursuit efficiency. Therefore, in the development of chinaware ball mill, production efficiency is the key factor affecting people's choice. Improve production efficiency is a never-ending process, manufacturers should increase research efforts, combined with foreign advanced technology, and constantly optimize the structure design, in order to make efficient chinaware ball mill.

In summary, the chinaware ball mill in future must has features of mass production, large-scale, environmentally friendly energy, high efficiency and so on.

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