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A Brief Introduction to Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher

Aug 12 2015

Compound pendulum jaw crusher is an equipment which apply mechanical force to materials and overcome material’s cohesive force in order to fragment it into required materials. Then we will give a brief introduction to compound pendulum jaw crusher of its form, features, bearing patterns and so on.

1.Form of compound pendulum jaw crusher

Compound pendulum jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, elbow board and other auxiliary parts. The auxiliary parts are included fixed jaw plate, lining board, block cover, gasket, slide block, thrust plate, stop screw, locking device and so on.

2.Features of compound pendulum jaw crusher

(1)Light weight, simple, compact structure;

(2)Good filled cavity, uniform size;

(3)Highly product efficiency, higher than simple pendulum about 20%-30%;

(4)Good quality product, cube shape material;

(5)Big size reduction ration, suit for all kinds of solidness materials;

(6)Small size, easy inspection and maintenance of parts, easy option;

(7)Use hydraulic transmission drive the moving jaw plate and adjust the size of discharging opening.

3.Bearing Patterns

The applied mechanical force of compound pendulum jaw crusher can be extrusion pressure, splitting force, bending force, shear force and the impact force. The suffering force of general machine is usually the combination of two or more than two kinds of mechanical forces.

Hard materials: splitting force, bending force

Brittle and plastic material: splitting force, impact force

Viscous and ductile material:extrusion pressure, milling force

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