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Factors in Granite Jaw Crusher Price Fluctuation

Aug 13 2015

Granite jaw crusher is an equipment for crushing materials. The device has characteristics like big crushing ratio, uniform particle size, reliability and so on. It has been widely used in the industry. Today we introduce a few simple factors affecting granite jaw crusher price, in order to facilitate people to buy affordable and quality guaranteed products.

1. Factors of raw material price

First, the main factors affecting the price of granite jaw crusher is the price of raw materials which are used for manufacturing crusher. The principal raw material of crusher is steel, so domestic steel prices directly affect the price of the granite jaw crusher. The increase of steel prices will cause the increasing price of machine. You can follow the price of steel products before buying, in order to buy better products.

2. Technological factors

Science and technology are primary productive forces, for the granite jaw crusher, the higher-tech machine, the price will be higher. The higher price machine’s performance is relatively good, and has a long service life, high production efficiency.

3. Brand identity

Brand is the embodiment of enterprise’s core values, also is the tool which make consumers memorize commodities. Not only to sell a good product to the customer, and also make clients through using commodity to remember brand, in order to make repeating purchase. Thus, the importance of brand is self-evident. Products’ price of famous brand-name is higher than small business products.

4. Factors of granite industry development

If the granite industry has a better development, it will has a big demand for the granite jaw crusher, and its prices will rise appropriately, otherwise it will fall. Customers can pay close attention to the development of the industry in order to make a more reasonable choice.

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