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The Working Principle of Slime Dryer

Aug 13 2015

Slime dryer is a very mature drying equipment which is produced by mining equipment manufacturers. It is suitable for drying coal industry’s slime, sludge, metal; Magnetic separation, gravity, and flotation of nonmetal mines and cement industry clay and other industries. Slime dryer mainly formed by heat, broken up device, belt feeder, feeding machine, rotary drum, belt feeder machine, fan, discharge and power cabinet. Let's take a brief look on how it works.

1. High humidity, high adhesion of slime went into the broken equipment from the conveyor, slime were quickly broken up.

2. The breaking-up slime went into the negative pressure dryer, then being divided into the four workspaces.

3.The first workplace is guide feeding zone. Wet slime enter this area rapidly evaporate large amounts of water after being in contact with the high temperature vacuum hot air, then materials moved down with the help of a large lead angle slime copy board and without bonding into the next work area;

4.Then it is clean up area. Wet slime in this area is a curtain form material, it is easy to form an adhesive phenomenon. However due to the design of cleaning device, it can quickly clean up the slime bonding to the cylinder wall, in the process, cleaning device for the material group ball agglomeration also play a crushing effect, thereby increasing the heat exchange area and improve the efficiency of heat and mass transfer and improve the drying rate;

5. Followed by a tilt lifting plate area, this area is the low-temperature drying zone. slime in this area has shown a low water loose state, no longer an adhesive phenomenon in this area. After heat exchanging, the finished product reaches the desired moisture and moves into the final discharge zone;

6. Finally, the discharge zone. Drying host drum has no copy board in this area, the material is taxiing to the scroll discharge port, to complete the drying process.

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