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Humanized Ball Mill--Chinaware Ball Mill

Aug 13 2015

Chinaware ball mill, a kind of ball mill, is mainly used for material mixing, and grinding. It has features of fineness uniform product, energy saving and so on. It can do dry and wet grind. Compared with the design of traditional ball mill, it has a more humane design and a more widespread application in life. Today we will learn something about its user-friendly design.

1.Low current start, is more safe and save

Chinaware ball machine uses electric Au auto decompression start-up mode which greatly reduce the starting current, the start-up mode is more secure. The structure can be divided into integral and independent style. The chinaware ball mill has the features of less investment than similar products, energy saving, new structure, easy operation, safe, stable and reliable performance. It is suitable for mixing and grinding operations of ordinary and special materials.

2. A variety design, multiple selects for users

Chinaware ball mill has a lot design types, the users can select the appropriate type and liners, media type based on the proportion of materials, hardness, yield and other factors. As a result, user-friendly production will create greater economic benefits.

3. More rational and efficient particles choosing

The chinaware ball mill has a roughly same working principle with the traditional ball mill. Chinaware ball mill working principle also contains material particles through the spiral polarization, screening, qualified after screening to exclude; Unqualified materials grinding go into the cylinder again until reaching the required fineness of the material. Compared to conventional ball mill, chinaware ball mill has higher productivity, more stable production process. Further, the grinding time of material in the cylinder body can be set according to users selection, it is a user-friendly device.

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