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Brief Introduction to Chinaware ball mill

Aug 13 2015

Chinaware ball mill is a ball mill equipment which liners are made of ceramic, it can provide unparalleled performance in a variety of broken pieces, crushing, ultra-crushing operation, large stones factory and it is the best equipment for mining breaking.

1.Working principle of chinaware ball mill

(1) Feeding: Materials continuously and uniformly feed into the chinaware ball from the feeder;

(2) Breaking: the cylinder rotates, the crushed ore and steel balls in cylinder body were taken by the liner to a certain height though the force of friction and centrifugal, then the materials and steel balls constantly paola and hit each other, in the falling process, materials were gradually crushed by the impact and abrasive force.

(3) Discharge: the discharge of material through the spiral classifier screening, qualified discharged through the discharge system, failed materials once again go into the chinaware ball mill for further grinding.

2. Features of chinaware ball mill

(1) long working time, consistently work for 24 hours;

(2) The ceramic-making liner, less material pollution, nice material color;

(3) Good grinding effect, uniform product size;

(4) High efficiency, smooth running machine;

(5) Simple maintenance, easy operation.

3.The composition of chinaware ball mill

Chinaware ball mill is formed by the feeding part, discharging department, rotary department, transmission division (reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and other major components. It has a rugged structure, cylinder body with lining which can be replaced, thus extending the life of the machine.

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