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The Unique Features of Compound Cone Crusher

Aug 13 2015

Compound Cone Crusher is typically used in two or three breaking, and is suitable for crushing medium and above medium hardness of various minerals, widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road construction, environmental protection, aggregate and other industries. With the deepening of the study, it is now available in two sizes of crushers, which are standard and short head type. To know its distinctive features can facilitate to make better choices. The following is its unique features.


1. The use of advanced automation devices?

Though the hydraulic Insurance, hydraulic lock, hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic clear cavity and the spring insurance system, the operation becomes more amenable to automation. When the machine overload caused by some reasons, spring safety system of compound cone crusher will increase the discharging port to expel the materials from the crushing chamber; When foreign body disturb the discharging port, the clean cavity system of compound cone crusher will further increase the discharging port to expel the materials. Then the discharging port automatically reset to the normal operation with the help of the spring. These automation devices on the one hand to protect the machine, extending its life, on the other hand to enhance its productivity.


2. High-quality products and multi-choice models


The machine has the best crushing frequency and eccentricity which make the crushing materials with a higher degree fine, uniform particle size, high-quality. In addition, each type of compound cone crusher has a multiple crushing chamber models, users can choose a different cavity according to different needs.

3. Low failure-free operation and easy operation and maintenance

Trouble-free operation rate of the compound cone crusher is up to 95% under normal circumstances. On the one hand the use of automated devices to ensure that the simplicity of operation; On the other hand, all of the components of the machine are detachable from the top or side which makes the machine maintenance easier.

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