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Brief Introduction to the Classification of Cone Crusher

Aug 13 2015

Cone crusher is used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and silicate industry for crushing raw materials, can crush medium and medium hardness of various minerals and rocks. Cone crusher has the features of big broken ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size and so on. It is suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores, rocks. The following sections will describe their use according to different classifications, in order to facilitate customers to choose the right products.

1. Classifying according to its use


Cone crusher can be divided into coarse crushing, secondary and tertiary crushing in accordance with its use. Crushing cone crusher, also known as gyratory crusher is a coarse crushing equipment, which is mainly used for crushing various hardness of ore. Secondary and tertiary crushing cone crusher, also known as mushroom-shaped crusher, which is mainly used to do all kinds of hardness of ore for fine and tertiary crushing.

2. Classifying according to its feeding particle size

Generally speaking, the larger the particle feed, the coarse granularity, whereas feeding small size is fine granularity. Standard cone crusher for secondary crushing, namely middle-breaking; The short-head type used in thin broken. Customers can choose the device according to the granularity of the crushed material in order to improve production efficiency.

3. Classifying according to the discharging material size

The thickness of the cone crusher discharging materials’ size has close relationship with the mine mouth length and parallel strips, behind mine mouth size. Cone crusher with longer parallel and small mine mouth, small discharge port can produce fine materials, whereas the more coarse. The mine mouth of the standard, medium and short head is gradually reducing, while the crushing chamber and parallel area is growing. That is to say short head type for fine materials, standard for crude materials. Users can select the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation.

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