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The Installation of Chinaware Ball Mill

Aug 14 2015

The development of the ceramic industry also led to the development of chinaware ball mill. Chinaware ball mill is mainly mixing and milling equipment. There will inevitably be glitches in machine using, which requires the user practices. Today we introduce the simple installation of chinaware ball mill.

The installation process:

(1) Bearing installation: two bearing base plate bearing elevation difference within 0.25 mm.

(2) Cylinder installation: according to specific conditions, we can integrally install the cylinder or in several parts, and should examine and adjust the center line of the journal with the chinaware ball mill, the concentricity error must ensure that within each meter length should be less than 0.25 mm.

(3) Transmission parts installation: to adjust and measure it by product technical standards. Check radial swing engagement ring and pinion poor performance; Check the concentricity of concentric reducer and pinion; and check the concentricity of the motor and reducer.

(4) Watering Fixed: When all the installations meet the requirements then finally poured the foundation bolts and main bearing floor.

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