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Factors Influencing the Grinding Effect of Ball Mill

Aug 15 2015

Ball mill is mainly used for grinding minerals. Depending on the different grinding sizes requirements of different materials, ball mill need to adjust the grinding size meet the different needs of customers. Today we focus on the specific factors which affecting the grinding effect of ball mill enabling customers to avoid these factors to produce high quality finished product in actual production.

1. Material factors

Ball mill produce different quality powder according to different materials. From the following two aspects of the material moisture and material hardness to elaborate on the impact of the grinding effect.

(1) Material humidity

If the material’s moisture is large, powder will adhere to the barrel after crushing and plugging material hole, hindering the material into the second warehouse for fine grinding; Powder will adhere to the grinding, declining its crackdown powder, thus weakening the grinding effect.

(2) Material hardness

If material hardness is high, it will increase the crushing difficulty, the crushing and grinding time and has a poor grinding effect.

2. Grinding media

(1) Shape

The main grinding medium for ball mill is steel ball. The study showed that the crushing and grinding effect of the circular steel ball is not as good as the elliptical steel ball. the contact area of oval steel ball with is bigger, the blow strength is stronger, the grinding effect is better.

(2) Size

Scientific research studies show that the size of the grinding body is inconsistent with a more detailed powder. Therefore, the size of the grinding body will also affect the grinding effect.

(3) Device factor

The speed of ball mill itself will affect the grinding effect. When the engine speed is slow, grinding effect is good, but the lack of yield; When the machine speed fast, abrasive rough powder, large output.

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