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The Maintenance of Manure Dryer

Aug 15 2015

Manure dryer is mainly used to dry chicken manure and other materials, the material after drying as feed and organic fertilizers. Any machine has its service life, do maintenance and repair work can maintain its work efficiency and extended its service life. Below we will briefly introduce how to maintain manure dryer.

1. Equipment safety inspection before use

Check the various components of the manure dryer, including major components and auxiliary equipment to ensure that the machine can boot normal production.

2. Lubrication maintenance

Bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine, good lubrication of the bearing has a close relationship with its service life, it directly affects the life and the operation rate of the machine, so do the bearing lubrication maintenance is very important. The main oiling parts of manure dryer are: rolling bearing, roller bearing, all the gears, activities bearings, sliding plane and so on. These sites to do lubrication injection with clean, high-quality lubricating oil timely to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

3. Ventilation maintenance

The working condition of ventilation directly affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the drying materials. Therefore, it is vital to do maintain good ventilation. For example, to clean-up cotton filters each time before starting; After use, to promptly clean up the dust inside the fluff. To prevent congestion which result in dryer drying quit, slow drying. To make a good ventilation condition enabling the manure dryer to play the best drying results.

4. Device clean-up maintenance

To maintain the exterior and interior of the manure dryer clean to avoid accidents and economic losses. Good equipment cleaning work is the first step of production safety.

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