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Maintenance of Basalt Jaw Crusher

Aug 15 2015

Basalt is an igneous which is formed by a kind of underground magma erupted from volcanoes or condense. It has features of strong compression, low value crushing, corrosion resistance, etc.. It is the best stone material for roads, railways, airport runways and other facilities. Basalt jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing basalt mining and is preparing for subsequent processing procedures. Now, we will give a brief introduction to its maintenance work.

1. The importance of maintenance

There will inevitably be large and small problems when basalt jaw crusher runs for a long time. In fact, some problems can be avoided, which requires daily maintenance to prevent machine failure to ensure its efficiency. So do the maintenance work is very important to extend the life of the machine and prevent accidents, then make safe production.

2. Maintenance content

(1) Maintenance of main components:

The movable jaw, fixed jaw, flywheel, gear and so on. These are the mainly working components, are all easy to wear or failure, that need to pay more attention to its maintenance. For example, the wearing of jaw, if the one end of jaw wears, it must turn around to use.

(2)Daily practices:

Before use, let the machine be empty to test, when it is in a normal operation then inputting materials; In use, put the materials uniformly, put the right amount of material in one time to ensure the operation efficient of the basalt jaw crusher; After use, turn off the power when the crushing of material is completed.

(3) Right respond to unexpected situations

Deadlock: If the basalt jaw crusher suddenly crashes, we should immediately turn off the power and then clean up the crushing chamber. After clearing, to test it firstly, when is operates normal then feed the materials. If the machine can not operate, please call professional service.

Material fly: You can adjust the angle of feeding, avoid feeding side; If the material is still flying after adjusting, please immediately turn off the power, call for professionals. Do not continue to feed to avoid casualties and malfunction.

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