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Development of Cone Crusher Liner Material

Aug 15 2015

Cone crusher has many advantages, such as big crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size, and is suitable for crushing hard ore, and thus is widely favored in beneficiation sector. But cone crusher liner prone to severe wear due to frequent strong impact. The liner of cone crusher would lead to problems like non-uniform particle size, decreasing production efficiency, high energy consumption, and so on which affecting the life and efficiency of the equipment. So it is of great importance to choose the right liner material.

The first stage: high manganese steel

High manganese steel refers to the alloy steel which contains more than 10% manganese elements. When the high manganese is in impact load, its surface will plastic deformation. Results of deformation strengthening is that its hardness increased significantly in the deformed layer and the hardness of surface is increasing too. Therefore, the material of cone crusher liner is almost the high manganese steel. Because it has a high impact toughness and good hardening characteristics.

The second stage: Alloy ore

The hardness of alloy ore is only second to diamond, it not only uphold the high toughness and high reliability of original high-manganese reinforced ultra steel, and it has a good wear resistance, both has the super-hard tungsten alloy to enhance the abrasion resistance of cone crusher. It can increase the service life of ordinary high manganese steel about 50% to 100%.

The third stage: high chromium cast iron

The cone crusher’s liner--high chromium cast iron, under the effect of the impact load, the liner surface hardening rapidly, forming both hard and wear-resistant surface, while still maintaining its original inner metal toughness, and its service life is about four times of ordinary high manganese steel.

With the development of times, there will be more new, more wear-resistance, and more tough materials which can increase the service life and further enhance the productivity of cone crusher.

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