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How to Rust the Slime Dryer?

Aug 15 2015

Slime dryer is made of carbon steel, it is easy to rust in long time treatment of high humidity materials. Rust will affect its service life and productivity. Therefore, it is very important to do the rust work of slime dryer. Let us discuss in detail on how to rust the slime dryer.

1. Preparation Work

On the one hand, try to place slime dryer in a dry, airy place, slowing the speed of rust. On the other hand, before the rust work, do degreasing work at first. Degreasing is to remove surface oil and equipment housings, making the surface of the slime dryer from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, then do the rust work.

2. Descaling method

(1) Paint

Paint is the most traditional methods to avoid rusting. The paint is coated on the surface, the surface of the machine is not in direct contact with water so as to achieve the purpose of anti-rust. But the paint contains toxic substances and emits toxic gas in the daily work, causing environmental pollution and personal injury, and therefore this method has been rarely used now.

(2) Electrostatic powder coating method

Electrostatic powder coating method is coated a new powder coating on the dryer cylinder, such powder is tough, durable, good decorative. It greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the machine and can effectively rust the slime dryer. This method has been widely used in the industry and has a good praise.

(3) passivation, phosphate method

Passivation, phosphate method is mainly by electrical and electrochemical reactions, by a one-time process, you can make rusted steel parts showing the original color, while generating a dense layer on the slime dryer’s surface. Slime dryer after passivation and phosphate processing will not rust. This method is the most widely using method.

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