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Why Cone Crusher is of low energy consumption and high efficiency?

Aug 17 2015

Cone crusher is a crushing equipment which assembled a large number of research technology with the features of high efficiency, low energy consumption, large crushing ratio, uniform particle size. For this reason it is widely used in all walks of life. Below we will analyze why it remains effective rate in low energy consumption from the following three aspects.

1. Autobiography moving cone

When the crushing chamber of cone crusher is empty, the moving cone is no fixed direction of rotation. Dynamic cone autobiography direction depends on the friction torque device connected to it, generally along the direction of rotation of the eccentric sleeve. Cone Crusher full take advantage of the principle of moving cone rotation, and increase a liner in the dynamic cone , moving cone of rotation controlled by bush, in order to make good use of its rotation. Thereby increasing the production capacity and reduce energy consumption.

2. Improved lubrication system to reduce machine running resistance

Lubricate shaft and bearings and other core components use a separate oil lubrication; Eccentric, driven shaft, spherical bearings are by circulating oil lubrication system to lubricate. The lubrication system is mainly with the main motor, supporting the feeder electrically interlocked to ensure that the cone crusher during operation, each drive unit can be fully lubricated. Lubrication system can not only reduce friction but also to remove the heat generated by operation of the machine to prevent overheating, prolong machine life and reduce the resistance and energy consumption and improve efficiency.

3. Reduce the resistance by gravity

Large bevel gear of cone crusher positioned above the small bevel gear. Due to the correct bevel pinion steering rotation and design work in large bevel gear and eccentric weight can effectively counteract the upward axial force of some large bevel gear so that the thrust bearing load is greatly reduced, not only to reduce the power consumption but also improve its work efficiency.

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