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How to Install Magnetite Ball Mill?

Aug 17 2015

Magnetite is an oxide mineral, mostly grain massive collection. It is iron black or a dark indigo color, semi-metallic luster. Magnetite ball mill is one of energy-saving ball mill, and is the most common grinding machine in industrial production, especially in mineral processing. The survey shows that whether it is reasonable to install the magnetite ball mill affect its efficiency and service life. Following is a brief introduction to how to install magnetite ball mill correctly.

1. Requirements of foundations

Before installing, to inspect the foundation whether it achieve the installation standards or not. To install the magnetite ball mill on top of cement foundation when its compressive strength reached more than 75%.

2.Installation of the main components

(1)Host Installation

The axis of the host of the magnetite ball mill should be horizontal, and when the error is allowed, the feed end is higher than that of the material end 1mm. From the bearing gland at the look, the hollow shaft and the bearing gland surrounding the gap should be basically the same, and both inside and outside of the gland the gap should be consistent. 

(2) Installation of transmission section

Firstly, check the quality of the case assembled transmission parts, mainly to check the situation of the pinion shaft and concentric reducer low speed shaft, concentric reducer high speed shaft. Check the motor shaft and make the necessary adjustments and tighten. To install and adjust the transmission parts with the host gear as a benchmark. The tooth width of the pinion is wider than that of the tooth surface of the big gear and booth the flank side width is uniform. Tooth surface of the pinion gear tooth surface and parallel to backlash by minimum at 0.25mm.

(3) Installation of magnetite ball mill liners

1. Check the liner condition firstly, to make sure the good installation condition then to install it.

2. Clean the cylinder, coated with a layer of cement mortar, and then tighten the liner bolts, carefully pad the seal.

3. Pay attention to the direction of the liner installation, put all the bolts, then tighten the bolts in three times.

4. No gap between the cylinder liner to ensure its close combination.

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