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How the Parallel Zone of Cone Crusher to Affect Its Discharge Size

Aug 17 2015

Parallel zone of cone crusher is refers to the lower part of the specified cavity, also known as parallel strips. By crushing cone swings, crushed ore is squeezed and discharged through the parallel zone. Parallel zone is the controlling region of crushed products, and is one of the parameters determining equipment production efficiency and product quality of crushed materials.

1.Long parallel region is conducive to nesting size control, a relative decrease of discharge capacity

The mineral entering into the cone crusher cavity is a laminated crushing, which is the grain crushing after entering the parallel zone. When the longer parallel zone cone crusher, cone crusher is equivalent to reducing the diameter of the cone maneuver, the production efficiency is reduced, but due to the increase times of lamination broken, broken, the product’s quality is higher. But the length should be controlled, we can not only pursue product size to increase the length of the parallel zone, because the longer parallel zone easy making crushing clogging and increasing energy consumption. The longer parallel zone, the more uneven wear, then the particle size more uniform.

2.Short parallel zone, the increased discharge capacity, the without guarantee discharging size


The shorter length of the parallel zone, representing an increase of motorized cone diameter cone crusher, improving the production efficiency of cone crusher, and has a low plugging point position which is conducive to falling rocks, to enhance the efficiency of production. But the shape of crushed product is not good due to the parallel strips is short and particles are not fully milled.


In general, under the guarantee of product quality and size, to reduce the length of the parallel zone as much as possible, to ensure the cone crusher’s great productivity, thereby enhancing the economic efficiency of cone crusher.

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