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How to Enhance the Efficiency of Wet Ball Mill?

Aug 18 2015

Wet ball mill is the key equipment for material second time smashing. It is made of the feeding part, discharging department, rotary department, the transmission and other components, and is widely used in all walks of life. Wet ball mill efficiency influencing factors include moisture content of materials, grinding media, speed, dispersing agent, the combined effect of these factors ultimately determine the efficiency of the wet ball mill. Here we will start to talk about how to improve the efficiency of wet ball mill from these four aspects.

1. Change the moisture content of materials

The ore’s moisture content will affect the efficiency of the wet ball mill, the too dry material will reduce its work efficiency. Therefore, to add appropriate water to wet ball mill can improve the efficiency of the wet ball mill by avoiding too dry ore processing.

2. Change the size of the grinding media

The wet ball mill’s grinding media diameter is one of the factors that affect the efficiency of the mill. The study showed that the size of the different grinding media mill to grind the ore is more favorable, different ore sizes can achieve fuller grinding, thereby improving the efficiency of the wet ball mill. Therefore, changing the size of the wet ball mill grinding media can improve its efficiency.

3. Adjust the speed of wet ball mill

The speed of wet ball mill directly affects the efficiency of its work. The faster the rotational speed, the more quantity its production capacity. But relatively speaking, the product is rough. Then customers need to based on the expected size requirements to adjust the wet ball mill’s speed. When the particle size of the material is strict, you can reduce the speed to ensure product quality; When the expected size of less stringent requirements, you can accelerate the speed and increase production.

4. Appropriate dispersant

Adding some dispersant in wet ball mill is also beneficial to its work efficiency. Because it can make the material more easily broken, lower difficulty breaking, so as to enhance the work efficiency.

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