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Effect of Material Humidity on the Copper Ore Ball Mill?

Aug 18 2015

Copper ore is ore that mined in copper, usually is made of iron, sulfur, copper elements. It is an important raw material in the metallurgical industry. Copper ore mill is secondary copper ore crushing mill equipment, has been widely used in the production line. Today we mainly aim at the influence of material humidity on the copper ore ball mill.

1. The material humidity is too much

(1) Crushing difficulty increases: The material’s moisture effects material toughness, when the humidity is high, will increase the toughness of material, increase the difficulty of crushing and grinding.

(2) Reducing the crushing capacity: Material which is excessive humidity will make the fine powder adhering on the surface of the grinding body, resulting in buffer and reduce the ability of cooper ore ball mill grinding.

(3) Reducing production: The fine powder can plug the gaps in the warehouse, reducing production efficiency and yield.

2. The material humidity is too small

(1) Reducing the milling efficiency: Materials with less material moisture, its absorbed heat is small by water evaporation leading to the cylinder temperature is too high, causing the declined milling efficiency.

(2) Impacting commodity quality: material is too dry, the pace of activity in the mill will fast, which would render the blow-mill ran rough appearance, affecting the quality of goods.

Humidity of materials is a very important factor for the production of copper ore ball mill. The material humidity into the ground should be kept within the range of 0.5% -1.5%. Control the moisture content of the material not only make a smooth production of cooper ball mill, but also to ensure product quality to some extent.

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