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Development and Prospect of Rotary Dryer

Aug 18 2015

Rotary dryer, a commonly used drying equipment, is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries. Rotary dryer is suitable for drying various materials, the equipment is simple and reliable, good dust-proof sealing performance, easy maintenance. Below we briefly describe its development process and prospects.

1.Development process

(1) Single cylinder rotary dryer

It is suitable for drying slag, limestone, gypsum, steel slag, slime plant and sewage treatment plant sludge and other materials, with features of drying capacity, smooth operation, low power consumption, easy operation, high output and so on.

(2) Double barrel rotary dryer

It has a compact structure, small footprint, which is half the same production single cylinder dryer footprint. It has the features of reliability, low-power consumption, high thermal efficiency, good drying effective, easy to implement automatic controlling. It is mainly used for drying clay, sand, slag, coal, coal ash, iron and other raw materials used in the chemical industry, fertilizer, fertilizer raw material drying and bulk metallurgical industry drying.

(3) Three-barrel rotary dryer

Three-barrel rotary dryer is an energy-efficient product based on the improvement of monocular rotary dryer aiming for drying wet materials. It has achieved good results applying to many industries. Three-barrel rotary dryer improves the internal structure of original monocular dryer enabling the drying efficiency improved by 50% -80% compared with the original single cylinder dryer.

(4) H series rotary dryer

This is a new type of dryer having a good drying effect, energy-saving efficiency and other advantages. It is mainly used for ore, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments drying certain humidity or granularity of the material. H series rotary dryer can dry various materials, and the operation is simple and reliable, so it is widely used.

2. Prospects

With the development of technology and the unremitting efforts of researchers, it has been proposed many rotary dryer transformation method and put it into practice, to further enhance the drying efficiency. All in all, rotary dryer has two directions: humane and intelligent. That is to say, humanism overall structure and intelligent operation of the drying function. we believe that with the development of technology and people's unremitting efforts, will eventually realize this vision.

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