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How to Improve the Efficiency of Marble Jaw Crusher?

Aug 18 2015

Marble is limestone or dolomite product by contact or regional metamorphism and re-crystallized, with equal or unequal grain grain becomes crystal structure, the particles of varying thickness. Marble jaw crusher marble is an important device which is used for crushing in marble production process. If you want to get economic benefits, yoou need to improve production efficiency, today we have a discuss on how to improve the work efficiency of marble jaw crusher.

1. Suitable nip angle

Nip angle refers to the angle between moving jaw crusher and the fixed jaw. Generally, this angle at the time of production can be up to 32 degrees. But in peacetime production are generally in 18-20 degrees. If the nip angle is too large, it will easily extruded the ore, damaged components service life. If the nip angle is too small, it will result in insufficient quantity broken, affecting productivity. Therefore, to rightly adjust the angle of the nip is conducive to enhancing productivity of marble jaw crusher.

2. Reasonable adjustment of discharge opening size

The adjustment of discharge port size is generally based on the requirements of discharging product size. Therefore, under the premise of protecting the product size, to enlarge the angle of the discharge port to the most reasonable extent, it is good at ore discharging, it will help enhance the efficiency of the machine.

3. Appropriately increase the number of the eccentric shaft revolutions

Within a certain range, if increase the eccentric shaft rotation number of marble jaw crusher , it is possible to enhance the productivity. But revolutions are not the sooner the better, once the speed is too fast, it is easy to throw out materials in the crushing cavity. It is not only waste materials but also likely to cause accidents. Therefore, a reasonable number of revolutions enabling the efficient production of marble jaw crusher.

4. Lubrication, temperature control work

Marble jaw crusher is adopted a thin oil lubrication system. Under normal operating conditions, the machine need to replace the lubrication oil every 3-6 months. And clean the other lubricated parts thoroughly to ensure the normal functioning of the entire lubrication system. Lubrication is a major concern, and we should ensure the bearing temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 degrees.

5. Control feeding materials’ humidity

Humidity of materials is a key factor impacting the productivity. The materials which contain more water are easy to adhere to the crusher content, easy to block in the next conveying process resulting in reduced crushing capacity. Therefore, we should try to find ways to reduce the water content before crushing material in order to make the marble jaw crusher work well.

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