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Common Faults and Solutions about Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Aug 18 2015

Hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of advanced level cone crusher, which Henan Hongxing Machinery absorb the world advanced crushing technology and is widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemicals, building materials and other industries. It is suitable for crushing hard, above medium hardness ores and rocks. Due to improper operation or long time using and other reasons, it is often fail to work. We though many years of practical experience summed up the following common faults and the corresponding solutions to help customers properly use the hydraulic cone crusher.

1. The pump can operate normally, but oil pressure is low. Cause of the failure may be clogging of the suction pipe, worn or damaged of the pump gear or gauge display values are not accurate, etc.. These problems can be solved by cleaning tubing, replacing the pump or pressure gauges and other solutions.

2. Oil level indicator without oil or oil stream is interrupted and oil pressure dropped. Cause of the failure is pipeline blocked, low temperature oil or the pump is not working properly. These problems can be solved by cleaning up the pipeline system, heating the oil, checking and repairing pumps and other methods.

3. Cooler is ineffective or of little cooler, probably due to lack of cooling water supply, cooling system blockage. It can be solved by opening the flood gates, normally supplying water, checking pressure gauge, cleaning coolers and other methods.

4. Shaft rotation is uneven, the sound is not normal. The reason may be the installation defects of hydraulic cone crusher’s gear teeth, operation shaft axis gap is too large causing wear or damage, pulley or gear damage or unbreakable bond causing shaft fracture. These problems can be solved by changing gear, stopping to correct or replace the spindle backlash, strengthening iron cleaning system and other measures to solve troubles.

5. Hydraulic cone crusher has big vibrations and severe impact sound. The reason may be inadequate spring pressure, lot of fines and viscous material, the unevenly mining. These problems can be solved by pressing or replacing the spring, adjusting the mining and other methods.

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