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Brief Introduction to Slime Dryer Heating Method

Aug 18 2015

Slime dryer has played a significant role in slime drying recycling. It mainly consists of source systems, feed systems, conveyor systems, drying systems and other components. Today, we will introduce its heating methods to facilitate customers to choose the most suitable products.

1. Direct heating method

Direct heating is a commonly used heating method, mainly based on convection heating. When heating the material directly contact with the hot air, the drying effect is good. But you should pay attention to the furnace, the fire should not be too large. Convection heating is mainly applied to dry particles, web-like or paste material.

2.Indirect heating method

Indirect heating method mainly use heat conduction to heat the materials. After the materials go into the tube of slime dryer, it received heat through the heat transfer wall material, the material is not directly contact with the heating medium, it can effectively prevent the material caking. Indirect heating method is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials. And compared to direct heating method, it has higher heating efficiency.

3. Compound heating method

Compound heating is the combination of direct heating and indirect heating, part of the hot air through the tube wall transfer heat to materials by heat conduction. Another portion of the hot air through the annular space in counter-current with the material and the housing wall in the center of the inner cylinder expose to the hot air to heat materials by heat convection, which can improve the heat efficiency, increase the production of slime dryer.This drying method is suitable for fertilizer, coal, coke, pitch carbon, clay and other materials.

In summary, there are three mainly heating methods of slime dryer, namely direct heating, indirect heating, compound heating. Each heating methods has different drying principle, customers can select the appropriate mode according to the drying materials, so as to increase working efficiency and create greater economic benefits.

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