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Development of Jaw Palate Material of Jaw Crusher

Aug 19 2015

Jaw Crusher is crushing machine which a moving jaw and static jaw forms the crushing chamber and simulate the movement of animals two jaw to complete the crushing process. Jaws palate plays a very important role in crushing, so it is vital to choose the jaw palate. In the continuous development of jaw crusher, there are a variety of jaw palate material, customers can choose different jaw palate materials according the its crushing materials. Below we will give a brief overview of the development of jaw crusher in the process of the use of jaw palate material.

1. High-manganese steel

High manganese steel refers to the amount of more than 10% manganese alloy steel. It is traditional materials of jaw crusher jaw plate, it has high surface hardness, internal flexibility, and good impact load capacity. However, due to the grinding mechanism is not reasonable, easily lead to short-abrasive cutting, fast jaws palate wearing.

2. High iron

While high chromium cast iron overcome some shortcomings of high manganese steel and with high wear resistance, but it still has poor toughness, so when it is used as a jaw palate material is not very good.

3. The manganese steel

The manganese steel is that the decreased manganese containing alloy steel. When the manganese content is decreased, the stability of austenite declined, and the austenite is prone to deformation induced martensitic transformation, which can make the wear resistance increase. Due to high hardness and good abrasion resistance, it is also used to make lining plate material.

4. High iron, high manganese composite jaw palate

High chromium cast iron or cast-bonded to the high manganese steel jaw plate to compose the complex jaw palate. The combination of them full play to the high chromium cast iron of high toughness high wear resistance and high manganese steel, so that the jaw palate life has been significantly increase. However, because of the difficulty of making large, complex process, greatly limiting the application of composite jaw.

5. Carbon low-alloy steel

Carbon low-alloy steel has high hardness and appropriate flexibility can resist fatigue and repeated cutting of materials squeeze caused by peeling, showing good wear resistance. So it is a widely used wear-resistant materials, is also widely used as jaw plate material.

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