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Brief Introduction to Iron Ore Wet Ball Mill

Aug 19 2015

Iron ore is capable of economic use mineral aggregates which is iron or iron-containing compound. Iron ore wet ball mill is a crushing equipment for material further crushing. It overcomes the effect of humidity on material milling efficiency. Today we take a brief look at iron ore wet ball mill.

1. Working principle

The motor of the iron ore wet ball mill is driven by the reduction device,the cylinder body and the crushed ore balls by centrifugal force and the friction force was taken at a certain height in the cylinder liner rotation due to gravity, and will produce Paola diarrhea fall, under the impact of ore and abrasive gradually being crushed. Crushed ore discharge spout discharge portion. Discharged materials after sieving, grit feeder again through a joint back into the iron ore wet ball mill to continue grinding. Feeder uniformly and continuously feed the materials, ore joint feeder evenly into the iron ore wet ball mill. Finally, the grated material will be removed continuously from the iron ore wet ball mill.

2. Structure Features

Iron ore wet ball mill is formed by the main parts of feeding part, discharging department, rotary department, the drive unit and other components. The cylinder is the main crushing mill equipment, the body inlaid cylinder liner which has good abrasion resistance. The machine has the features of smooth running, good milling effect, safety and reliability.

3. Product Features

(1) Without material humidity influence, high efficiency.

(2) Long time running, it can work for 24 hours.

(3) Facilitate feeding equipment, combine feeder, evenly feed, high feed efficiency.

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