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The Working Principle of Ore Processing Ball Mill

Aug 19 2015

Ore processing ball mill is the key equipment for smashing of crushed ores. And all kinds of ores can be dry or wet grinding. It has been widely used in industrial production. Now we will learn something about its working principle.

1. Feeding

Material through the inlet into the main part of the ore processing ball mill - the rotary cylinder. The cylinder with inside liner wear is divided into several compartments, each compartment has certain sizes grinding.

2. Breaking, grinding principle

When the ore processing ball mill rotate driving by the small and big gears grinding under the frictional force and the centrifugal force, attached to the surface of the cylinder liner wall, rotating along with the cylinder, and brought to a certain height, free fall under gravity, the whereabouts of grinding like projectiles like material impact to the bottom of the crushed material. Grinding body to do the rise, the whereabouts of the circular movement makes the material to the cycle of crushing and grinding. In addition, during the rotation of the mill grinding body also produces sliding and rolling force, thus grinding, abrasive action between the liner and the material, the material is fine grinding.

3. Discharging material

When the milled material meets product requirements, it will be discharged through the hollow journal.

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