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Something About the Eccentric Sleeve of Cone Crusher

Aug 19 2015

Cone crusher is one of our company’s main products. We continue to take advantage of economic development advantages brought contemporary upgrading of equipment to meet consumer demand at home and abroad. Eccentric sleeve plays an important role in the running of the cone crusher, it need the routine ground maintenance to ensure the safe operation of the machine, the passage will brief introduction the eccentric sleeve of cone crusher.

1. Role of the eccentric sleeve

The eccentric sleeve is driven by moving cone, thereby moving the crusher to break materials, is an important component of cone crusher. When the material from the upper into the cone crusher, under the role of eccentric sleeve, making the dynamic cone periodically close and leave the cone of the cone; when the moving cone is near to the fixed cone, producing crush effect, when leaving, crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber. This process achieve the function of crushing and manufacturing materials.

2. Wear of the eccentric sleeve

On the one hand, the eccentric sleeve closely linked components segment journal and eccentric journal and other serious wear and tear, or axis bending too large, will cause the wearing of eccentric sleeve; On the other hand, when the eccentric shaft sleeve and the mating surface of the contact area is less than 80%, it is likely to cause an eccentric shaft sleeve loose, once loose, it causes wear at the same time.

3. Maintaining the eccentric sleeve

According to the specifications of the machine to select the appropriate eccentric bushings. When replacing the eccentric sleeve and the lower stop thrust bearing pad, straight sleeve bushing can advance in the eradication of 25mm wide, 4-5mm deep grooves enhance the use of the crescent-shaped board live hanging out with easy to replace. Please note the wear of sleeve and timely replace it, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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