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Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Cone Crusher

Aug 19 2015

Cone crusher is widely used in mining, cement, sand and gravel industry, for medium and fine crushing pressure of 350 MPa or less in all kinds of mining rocks, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, sandstone, pebbles and so on. Machine used for a period of time will inevitably be glitches, but by careful daily inspection and maintenance can avoid some glitches. Here, we will introduce how to do routine inspection and maintenance to extend the service life of the cone crusher.

Daily check:

1. The lubrication system. For example, oil and oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 60℃.

2. The dust seal drainage situation. No water is disallowed running.

3. The water cooling system. Check the pipe is smooth or not, water quantity and water temperature.

4. Hydraulic lock cylinder. Check the status of the adjustment ring, the adjustment must be below the ring in a locked state, before running the machine.

5. Check the liner wear condition and fastening of the various components. If appears the following phenomena such as loose, loss, severe abrasion, etc., we should immediately tightened or timely replace them.

Routine maintenance measures:

1. In accordance with the product manual instructions, breaking to be uniform, generally less than 80% broken mouth size.

2. To inject sealed bearing and clean oil timely.

3. The newly installed tire prone to loosening, should be stepped up.

4. Remove the debris of the undercarriage putting plane active device, in order to avoid serious accident.

5. If bearing temperature rise, we should immediately stop to check the reason and eliminate them.

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