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How to Extend the Service life of the Iron Concentrate Ore Dryer?

Aug 20 2015

Mining industry call ore which can be directly used for iron smelting iron ore at the same time with a high percentage of iron ore as iron concentrate ore. Iron ore industry is the country's economic lifeline, iron ore mining technology has been in progress, but our resources is still insufficient. So to maintain good production equipment improving production efficiency is very important. Iron concentrate ore dryer is an indispensable part of the production line, then we will discuss how to extend its service life.


1.The purchase of high-quality products, standard operating

On the market, there are many iron concentrate ore dryer manufacturer, with many products of different levels, different quality. To equipment efficient operation, high productivity, we must choose a large scale, advanced technology manufacturers, buy regular products, according to operating specifications to use. While at the time of purchase, we need to configure the wearing parts at the factory, to prevent damage and failure due to the vulnerability of the machine.

2. Routine maintenance

Before use: clean the dryer filter cotton, clean the temperature probe, first preheat the machine further production operations.

After use: the temperature was adjusted to 0 degrees clamor knob position.

Weekly clean up debris to prevent contaminated material; Monthly add bearing butter to ensure the bearing lubrication. Timely rust, dust and other affairs. Every time before the machine is turned on and off, check the indicators of the machine to ensure the normal condition, in order to ensure safe operation.

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