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How to Reduce the Ball Mill Liner Wear?

Aug 20 2015

Ball mill is mainly formed by cylinder, ring gear transmission, end caps, bearings and other components, is the main equipment for secondary crushing of materials. Ball Mill Liner is a protective equipment, the installation of the liner is to extended the life of the machine. Liner which is direct contacting with the material, its wear and tear is inevitable. Today we will discuss how to reduce the wear of liner.

1.Material Factor

(1) Feed rate:

The feed amount of materials directly impact the wear extent of liner. If the feed amount is too small, and some balls hit directly with the liner relative to the friction, the impact is much greater than usual, so that increased liner wear, has a direct impact on the service life of the liner. The feed amount is big, between the ball and lining materials do also cushioning effect, it can slightly reduce the wear on the lining.

(2) Material size:

To decrease the grinding material particle size, so the relative reduction in the number of balls, the smaller impact on the liner. To reduce liner wear strengthen.

(3) Material moisture and temperature:

Ensure the proper moisture and temperature of the material, the materials moisture is less than 2%, the temperature should be controlled at 50 degrees, to prevent the material acidic or alkaline substance is converted to corrosion at high temperature material causing corrosion of the liner.

(4) Material wear resistance:

Wear resistance, grinding aids can be added to make the material easier to wear.

2. Lining factors

(1) The lining material hardness is not strong enough, low yield strength, ambient temperature and friction factors making liner warmer, liner hardness after heat treatment is generally low, combined with running the ball and material impact, ball mill is prone to plastic deformation.

(2) To improve the liner shape and structure, reduce some extra wear and tear.

(3) To enhance ventilation facilities, reduce the ball mill temperature; Control the temperature of materials which is going to the ball mill.

(4) To strengthen the thickness of vulnerable parts.

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