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Wet Ball Mill Liner Lifting Factors

Aug 20 2015

Wet ball mill is commonly used in daily milling equipment. According to the different grinding methods can be divided into two categories, dry ball mill and wet ball mill. In recent years, a strong proponent of environmental protection, wet ball mill will not produce dust has been more widely used. Wet ball mill liner is the main component directly contacting with the material and is pronged to wear and off. Today, we discuss the factors that caused the lining board to fall off from the following aspects.

1. The temperature factor

Because the warmed up air temperature of wet ball mill is too high, resulting in uneven heating the mill, thermal expansion and contraction, liner bolts by rapid expansion in some parts of the extrusion force is stuck off from the liner. Bolt breaks, coupled with the impact of the material would easily lead to backing off.

2. The volume factor

Due to preheat air temperature is high, leading liner thermal expansion, the volume becomes large. But the wet ball mill liner’s gap is too small, so the volume becomes insufficient will squeezed out the liner which is fixed by inlay puzzle method, therefore liner muster up. The liner will be uneven with surface, not close combined with the cylinder, plus materials friction, grinding impacting, it is easy to back off.

3. Lining fixation

Liner is fixed to the cylinder by a bolt and inlay puzzle method. On the one hand, the liner fixing bolts are easy to loose. On the other hand, the lining fixed gap is too large by the inlay puzzle method, iron in circumferential cracks is easy to loose, resulting in loose liner. Liner backing off is a process. If the staff member at the beginning can perceive failure, and do maintenance work timely avoiding backing off. This requires everyone to do their daily inspection work, check for loose bolts and liner usage and take preventive measures.

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